Cardboard and Creativity

Yesterday may be one of the most satisfying days as the Superintendent of Gold Trail; I had the pleasure of going to Ashcroft Elementary School where the entire school was participating in a cardboard day. The school staff was inspired by the video Caine’s Arcade. Several weeks ago the video was shared with students and the staff shared their plans to devote October 10th to cardboard and creativity. The impact was immediate students began bringing cardboard boxes to school, students shared the video with their families, and parents began to talk about the video and cardboard day on Facebook.

As I walked from class to class and down the hallway of the school I was delighted to hear the voices of excited, engaged and passionate students and to see staff and parents working to support students to achieve their vision. The kindergarten class was working collectively to build a castle. I was fascinated to see that they used a cardboard tube as the entrance for their castle; it was the perfect size for each of them but too small for adults. As I moved to the older grades you could see the impact of Caine’s Arcade with many students building ingenious arcade games and many of them had a fun pass. As I spoke to the students they all described their projects to me in great detail and most said that this was the best day of school ever. Staff members shared that students were thoroughly engaged and that every student was successful. Parents shared how happy they were to see this type of learning happening in the school and how pleased they were to come and support their children.

This was so gratifying because this was not a district initiative this was staff learning and working together to make the school a great place for students and learning.


3 comments on “Cardboard and Creativity

  1. Liza Curran says:

    I went to the school as well and even though the power was out the students were still able to actually play their arcarde games! It is inspiring to see the amount of creativity at every grade level, and I applaud the staff for their collective effort in opening those gates!

  2. Deanna Horsting says:

    I too was at Ashcroft Elem. School and was thrilled by the engagement and excitement of the school as a whole! Way to go!

  3. adunsiger says:

    I absolutely love this Caine’s Arcade video, and I’m inspired by what this school did. What a great way to have students working and learning together. Collaboration and problem solving would have been a huge part of this day, and it makes me think about what other classes could do as well. Why not link their creations to curriculum expectations too? This could be a great class or small group project related to what the students are doing in Science and/or Social Studies. It’s fun, but meaningful. I’m going to share your post with the other teachers at my school and see what they think. Thanks for getting me thinking!


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