The Rural Reality

This year has been a unique start for the Gold Trail school district as the district has struggled to fill a number of full time teaching positions. As I repeatedly hear news reports that teachers are struggling to find meaningful employment, I am left to ask the question… is the true struggle to find meaningful employment in urban settings? If the answer is yes, then I encourage all teachers looking for employment to look at what rural districts across this province have to offer.

While it is easy to look at the perceived deficits of rural communities: no Starbucks or Tim Hortons, a lack of restaurants or shopping the strengths far outweigh these potential limitations.

Teaching in a rural school district has advantages:

  • Opportunities for teachers to gain valuable teaching experience in a variety of roles
  • Opportunities for professional development to all teachers in the district
  • Opportunities for career advancement

Teaching in a rural school has advantages:

  • School staffs work together collaboratively as professional learning communities
  • Teachers know the name of every student in their classroom but also the names of each student in the whole school

Teaching in a rural community has advantages:

  • Warmly welcomed and appreciated by community members
  • Opportunity to take learning outside of the classroom
  • Opportunity to save money with a lower cost of living

As I write this post, I am left to reflect on my own career and how I have professionally and personally benefited from my experience working in Gold Trail. I am certain that the developments in my career are partially due to the opportunities and experiences that were afforded to me because I worked in a rural district.


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